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Breakdown in relations and dismissal

Case law: Employers dismissing employees following a ‘breakdown in relations’ between them should first ensure they cannot work together.
Employers planning to dismiss an employee because of a ‘breakdown in relations’ between them should consider giving the employee a chance to prove in practice that they can to work harmoniously before dismissing them.
An employee was dismissed […]

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Can the brand-new regulator command medical professionals self-confidence?

The General Medical Council, our regulator, has recently appointed a brand-new chief executive officer. It comes with personal healthcare cover (on which the GMC invests nearly ₤ 223 000 a year, as well as over ₤ 25 000 on health checks for the 667 individuals it employs).

This is an intriguing consultation. The task description says […]

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The ‘7-day NHS’ Planning

Published on Feb 27, 2016 by ‘Protect Your NHS’

Jeremy Hunt wasn’t available, so Malcolm Tucker enlists Charlie Massey from the Department of Health to explain the ‘7-day NHS’ and new junior doctors contract at this committee hearing on NHS staffing. Can you tell the difference between reality and satire? Warning: strong language

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Charlotte Crosby is 'definitely' having a nose job as star confirms she's getting work done

Charlotte Crosby is '' absolutely ' having a rhinoplasty as star validates she ' s getting workdone The Geordie Shore charm has admitted she dislikes her nose, and will “definitely” be having actually work done after going over the procedure with medical professionals. Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday, she said: “I have never wanted […]

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Jeremy Hunt warns junior doctors strike will harm patients

Jeremy Hunt alerts junior doctors strike will harm clientsPhysicians do have a right to strike … “There is no point in doing this task if you are not believing every single day about what you can do to make NHS care more secure,” he stated. “This is absolutely our primary top priority.”See Original Short article […]

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