Breakdown in relations and dismissal

Case law: Employers dismissing employees following a ‘breakdown in relations’ between them should first ensure they cannot work together.
Employers planning to dismiss an employee because of a ‘breakdown in relations’ between them should consider giving the employee a chance to prove in practice that they can to work harmoniously before dismissing them.
An employee was dismissed […]

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Can the brand-new regulator command medical professionals self-confidence?

The General Medical Council, our regulator, has recently appointed a brand-new chief executive officer. It comes with personal healthcare cover (on which the GMC invests nearly ₤ 223 000 a year, as well as over ₤ 25 000 on health checks for the 667 individuals it employs).

This is an intriguing consultation. The task description says […]

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GP wins against GMC for releasing fitness-to-practise report to a patient

The High Court has actually ruled that the GMC was wrong to decide to disclose a complete report concerning a GP’s physical fitness to practice to a patient who wanted to file a medical negligence claim.

In the recent case, a GP – referred to as Dr DB – went through a fitness-to-practice investigation after a patient […]

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Self Representation – No Lawyers

An article in The Star (Canada) discusses the risks and benefits of self-representation. Although related to family law rather than employment law, some useful generalisations can be derived:-

Justice Denied: Huge legal bills push many to self-represent in court
Windsor law professor says more than half of family law litigants now in court without a lawyer

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(Ap)praise you like I should?

(Ap)applaud you like I should?See Initial Article

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