Hospital Managers Being Scrutinised

Managers becoming accountable. Doctors who have had their careers shattered by NHS managers seemingly inappropriately have felt that managers do not seem to be accountable to anyone. The situation is beginning to change ……

Hit squads of patients to inspect hospitals in radical shake-up of monitoring.

It is entirely appropriate that doctors are accountable to their managers. Problems arise when managers use their powers inappropriately.

Doctors who find themselves facing suspension, exclusion, NCAS, GMC, Disciplinary Action, Investigation of Complaints and or Allegations of Professional Misconduct require advice from qualified advisers. Doctors can turn to the BMA or their professional indemnifiers for legal advice which should be covered by the fees they have paid.

The Doctors’ Support Group is comprised of doctors who have faced these problems. There is comfort to be found by realising that the seeming injustice you have been facing is not unique. Furthermore, members of the group can offer non-legal advice to each other.

Members of the DSG are increasingly finding that indemnifiers fail to offer support to their members when they face these legal issues. Their contracts tend to include a ‘get out clause’ which states that the support offered is discretionary.

If you find that the legal support you had expected from your indemnifiers evaporates, you may have to seek legal advice privately. You need a solicitor who specialises in employment law. An Internet search in your area may be helpful or there are agencies that can offer advice without charge on how to find for example ‘employment solicitors London‘. The employment law as it affects NHS employees is complex and has a large set of ‘case law’. The NHS employers use solicitors who have particular interest in the field and you should consider a specialist solicitor who can offer doctors disciplinary action advice.

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