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Preparation for GMC Hearing

It is assumed that doctors in front of the GMC will have a working knowledge of the Medical Act, as amended
in 1985.

Medical Act 1983

Medical Act 1983 (consolidated version with amendments)

(as amended by the Professional Performance Act 1995, the European Primary Medical Qualifications Regulations 1996, the NHS (Primary Care) Act 1997, the Medical Act (Amendment) Order 2000, the Medical Act 1983 (Provisional Registration) Regulations 2000, the Medical Act 1983 (Amendment) Order 2002, and the National Health Service Reform and Health Care Professionals Act 2002, The European Qualifications (Health Care professions) Regulations 2003, the European Qualifications (Health & Social Care Professions and Accession of new Member States) Regulations 2004, the Medical Act 1983 (Amendment) and Miscellaneous Amendments Order 2006, and The European Qualifications (Health and Social Care Professions Regulations 2007)

Medical Act 1983 – Read more……


In Memoirs of a Radical Lawyer Michael dissects many of them, revealing his motivations, meticulous approach to forensic science, cross examination techniques, the political dimensions and emotional reactions with clarity, subtlety and charm. Interspersed with personal anecdotes and recollections, this insightful book is liberally laced with Michael’s quirky brand of anarchic humour. Cases range from the Angry Brigade, the Bradford 12, the Birmingham Six, the Bloody Sunday Inquiry, Angela Cannings, Jill Dando, Ruth Ellis, Dodi Fayed, the ‘Fertilizer’ conspiracy, Iraqi hi-jackers, Stephen Lawrence, Fatmir Limaj (Leader of the Kosovan Liberation Army), the Marchioness Disaster, the Price sisters, the ‘Ricin’ trial, Risley prison riots, Tahira Tabassum, Judith Ward, Arthur Scargill and the miners to the Jean Charles de Menezes inquiry, and many more. Issues of public concern, human rights and innovative attempts to construct a democratic legal system are discussed in full, but Memoirs of a Radical Lawyer also unveils with honesty and wit a man who has put as much passion and energy into his life as his work, one of the great personalities of our time.

Doctor’s and their health.Hamid Ghodse, Sheila Mann & Phil Johnson

Hospital Doctor. Reed Business Information. ISBN 1-85775-977-X



Doctors as Patients.

Ed. Petre Rose

Radclifffe Medical Press

ISBN 1 897778 36 8


In Sickness and in Power

A ground-breaking book that opens the door to a new area of political economy. David Owen is a medical doctor and a leading political figure of our times gives a unique voice to this subject.

The extent to which illness can affect our leaders should be a concern to us all. Worse, the tendency of some leaders to become prone to behavioural inconsistencies the longer they hold office is developed by the author into a fascinating ‘hubris syndrome’ with its attendant personality symptoms and David provides modern examples.

Illness of heads of government during the last 100 years.


ISBN 978-0-413-77662-4


NHS in Meltdown

Professor Paul Goddard


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