GMC Conference – Medical Professionalism Matters – December 2016

GMC Conference – Medical Professionalism Matters – 6th December 2016

The DSG was represented by its president.

The GMC had held a series of events over the preceding 18 months to discuss some of the challenges facing the medical profession. Discussions from the events can be read on

A number of concerns had been recognised:

  • Lack of time and support for reflective practice.
  • Professional isolation.
  • Poor communication.
  • GMC and Medical Schools Council should focus on understanding medical professionalism.
  • Medical Royal Colleges and GMC should work to reinvigerate continuing professional development.
  • GMC and employers should support a greater emphaisis on reflection, personal development and quality improvement.
  • Increase patient involvement.
  • GMC and other regulators should intensify their efforts to promote a culture openness, learning and candour – a supportive culture.
  • Intense pressure on the profession needs recognition and it should be more acceptable for those struggling to ask for help.

Some thoughts from the recent meetings;

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