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The Guardian view on the doctors’ strike: make peace not war

The Guardian view on the medical professionals’ strike: make peace not warIt is difficult not to understanding of young medical professionals. They currently feel underappreciated, working long hours in high-pressure tasks doing hours that pay little regard to family obligations. They are threatening to desert the NHS in harmful numbers. For his part …See Original […]

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Resume: Newsmaker you should know / Physician assistant honored for a life of caring for others

Resume: Newsmaker you must know/ Doctor assistant honored for a life of caring for othersThis isn’t a task for her, this is her calling … to look for another nursing position when she decided to pursue a master’s degree to end up being a physician assistant. “I really chose that this is where I needed […]

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10 highest-paying jobs for vocational grads

10 highest-paying jobs for occupation graduatesRegistered nurses (Registered nurses) comprise a big segment of the labor force in the United States; since 2014, employment stood at 2,687,310 nurses nationwide. Registered nurses assess patients, take medical histories, talk to medical professionals, administer medications and other …See Original Post Junior Physicians Strike Looking Likely As Talks Over […]

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Increasing unemployment : 0.77 million Pakistanis fly overseas for jobs in 2015

Enhancing joblessness: 0.77 million Pakistanis fly overseas for jobs in 2015ISLAMABAD: The Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment (BoEOE), up until October 2015, signed up 6,226 engineers, 1,925 physicians, 999 instructors, 3,859 accounting professionals, 1,194 designers, 683 stenographers, 25,770 agriculturalists, 9,117 clerks, 50,992 masons …See Original Post Health Insurers to Face Fines for Not Correcting […]

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JAMA Welcomes New Physician To Riverwalk Office

JAMA Invites New Physician To Riverwalk WorkplaceJamestown Location Medical Partner (JAMA) – GLPP is happy to announce that Jeffrey Esper, D.O., is now offering neurology services in the Riverwalk Medical Center at 15 S. Main St. in Jamestown. Esper earned his medical degree from the University of …See Original Short article Medical professional Who’ Season […]

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