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Disclose to the DVLA if a patient should not be driving, doctors told

Divulge to the DVLA if a patient must not be driving, medical professionals toldDoctors need to inform the DVLA (or DVA in Northern Ireland), if a client remains to drive against medical recommendations and cannot do this themselves.See Initial Article GPs need to inform DVLA when a patient is too frail to drive: Plans may […]

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Junior doctors accuse NHS boss of exploiting Paris attacks to stoke public strike fears

Junior physicians charge NHS manager of making use of Paris attacks to stir public strike worriesThe doctors state they have received suggestions from the General Medical Council with regard to their duties in the context of commercial action. “We are aware of our expert responsibilities and obligations, and we hope that the GMC’s on …See […]

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Patients could die if junior doctors' strike goes ahead, says Jeremy Hunt

Patients might die if junior physicians' ' strike goes on, states Jeremy HuntHe said medical professionals could face being approved by the General Medical Council if they failed to guarantee there are safe arrangements in location for client care if they withdraw their labour. He said: “The GMC guidance is extremely clear: doctors need to […]

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Doctor Who: Shock ending as Clara confronts an impossible situation in Face the Raven

Physician Who: Shock ending as Clara faces an impossible situation in Face the RavenWarrior or Doctor? (Photo: BBC/Simon Ridgway) She does a fine job too, spinning an interesting secret that takes one greatly borrowed idea and fleshes it out with the return of Ashildr, a brand-new alien race in the forward and backward-looking Janus and […]

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NYU Langone awarded $7.5 m to implement support services for Alzheimer's caregivers in NYC

NYU Langone granted $7.5 m to carry out assistance services for Alzheimer'' s caretakers in New York CityEach caretaker who registers for the program will get assistance, tailored to his or her requirements, based upon a detailed evaluation … MD, a health services researcher and medical geriatrician. As director of the Freedman Research Program on […]

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