Disclose to the DVLA if a patient should not be driving, doctors told

Divulge to the DVLA if a patient must not be driving, medical professionals told

Doctors need to inform the DVLA (or DVA in Northern Ireland), if a client remains to drive against medical recommendations and cannot do this themselves.See Initial Article GPs need to inform DVLA when a patient is too frail to drive: Plans may cause people with dementia and other conditions having their licences permanently revoked The new guidelines from the General Medical Council might result in patients having their licences completely withdrawed as soon as identified with dementia or other conditions. For the first time, the watchdog is urging doctors to override their duty of … See Original Short article Doctor charged of making significant mistakes in reading CT scans He likewise declines the accUSAtion that his rate of error in reading CT scans was unacceptably high. JP McDowell, solicitor, for the Medical Council, said Dr Siddiqi’s agreement was to run from Might to November 2013, four days a week. It was a standalone post … See Initial Short article Disgraced GP loses bid to overturn ban following unsuitable relationship with patient It has been a long ordeal.”She included:”It is good news for the General Medical Council and it is good news for me. I want to thank The Roxton Practice in Immingham, The General Medical Council and Victim Assistance, who have been there for

me and I am … See Original Article Medical professionals advised to tell DVLA if patients are unsuited to drive GPs have to tell the DVLA if they know a client is still on the roadway in spite of not being deemed medically in shape, the General Medical Council (GMC)states. In brand-new draft guidance, the GMC stated medical professionals have a public protection duty to inform authorities
if a client …

See Initial Short article GPs urged to report unsuited drivers to DVLA GPs should tell the DVLA about any clients who remain to drive when they are clinically unsuited to do so, says the General Medical Council. The regulatory authority states it is reinforcing its recommendations after hearing from GPs who feel anxious about reporting patients to … See Initial Short article Physicians ' have duty to notify DVLA ' if patient isunfit to drive Concerns

after Glasgow bin truck crash lead General Medical Council to provide guidance specifying’confidentiality is not outright’ Doctors have a duty to inform the DVLA if a client is not fit to drive, according to brand-new guidance triggered by medics … See Original Article

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