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Health regulator seeks patient views on integrated community services

Health regulatory authority seeks client views on incorporated social workSCREEN is asking patients what they consider Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Scientific Commissioning Group … supplier of intricate adult community services in the East Devon. This follows an extensive evaluation and procedure which concluded that …See Initial Post Financial incentives for cigarette smoking cessation in […]

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Doctors facing complaints have severe depression and suicidal thoughts, study finds

Physicians dealing with grievances have severe depression and self-destructive thoughts, research study findsThe research study, reported in the online journal BMJ Open,1 discovered that doctors who were referred to the professional regulatory authority, the General Medical Council (GMC), appeared to be the most at risk of mental disease. Entirely, 7926 medical professionals finished an anonymised […]

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Post-scandal care pledge 'not met'

Post-scandal care pledge ''not fulfilled ' The National Audit Workplace said that … with 1,614 of those having received a clinical choice that they should remain in healthcare facility. Since September, there were still 920 without a transfer or discharge date, with 691 having been told they were not …See Original Post Aspen Advisors Ranked […]

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Doctors Want Employment, Not Marcus Welby Life

Medical professionals Desired Employment, Not Marcus Welby LifeVery few young physicians want starting their own “solo practice” anymore, choosing to become staff members of a bigger group, health center as well as working for the government, two different doctor employment researches out today indicate.See Original Short articleA&E Expert Locum Physicians Required Essex Extensive knowledge of […]

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Form, fit and function of consultants

Form, fit and function of expertsThis special health care knowledge and associated duties, authority and obligation which are and have been generally acknowledged and accepted plainly since 1858 when the General Medical Council (GMC) was formed and self-regulation introduced.See Original Post Welsh Labour NHS criticism protected by Conservatives The British Medical Association, Royal College of […]

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