Doctors facing complaints have severe depression and suicidal thoughts, study finds

Physicians dealing with grievances have severe depression and self-destructive thoughts, research study finds

The research study, reported in the online journal BMJ Open,1 discovered that doctors who were referred to the professional regulatory authority, the General Medical Council (GMC), appeared to be the most at risk of mental disease. Entirely, 7926 medical professionals finished an anonymised …
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Banned for a year, Harley St Botox doctor who broke safety policies: Cosmetic surgeon unlawfully taught nurses ways to administer the drug

Yesterday he was condemned for his ‘flippant, cavalier and deplorable’ mindset at a General Medical Council disciplinary hearing. The Physical fitness To Practise panel discovered him guilty of misconduct by motivating the nurses to break the law and suspended him …
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Medical Council of India ethics panel members deceived World Medical Association to assist Ketan Desai?NEW DELHI:

The primary watchfulness officer (CVO) who whined about the “dishonest” action of three principles committee members of the Medical Council of India (MCI … who had accompanied Dr Desai to the WMA basic assembly. Last year beginning, the CBI …
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