Young people's eating disorder service to be launched in Halton

Young people’s consuming disorder service to be launched in Halton

An area service for children and young people with eating conditions is to be introduced in Halton in February 2017. The 5 Boroughs Collaboration NHS Structure Trust has been granted a contract to run the plan for the next 3 years and will be performing the work in partnership with national leading eating disorder charity Beat and Whiston Medical facility’s parent group St Helens And Knowsley Mentor Hospitals NHS Trust. It was commissioned by NHS scientific commissioning groups for Halton, Knowsley, St Helens and Warrington. A 5 Boroughs spokesperson stated the effort is a major step in the trust’s growth plans and will be the very first time it had provided a devoted service for children and youths and eating disorders throughout the 4 areas. It will consist of evaluation, trea …
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