Tenders submitted for Region Three medical equipment

Tenders sent for Area 3 medical equipment

The Regional Democratic Council of Area # 3, yesterday got tenders for the procurement of medical devices. The announcement was made at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), Ministry of Financing. There was a large …
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Brockport Volunteer Ambulance Corps is Regional EMS Firm of the Year

the EMS Firm of the Year Award is based on a pattern of activities that have culminated in a considerable improvement of Emergency situation Medical Services in the neighborhood. The Monroe-Livingston Regional EMS Council makes use of the very same standard for its local award.See Original Short article Shaken child syndrome expert ' gave misleading proof ' over deaths of children in court But the General Medical Council(GMC)has said Dr Squier’s witness statements were reckless, deliberately misleading and deceitful. Dr Squier confesses offering proof in each hearing but denies the accusations of misconduct against her. Shaken infant … See Initial Short article

Client care at Beatson centre 'putting cancer clients’at' risk ‘In May, 86 personnel signed a letter to the General Medical Council warning of potentially major risks to client safety as a result of the reorganisation of severe services in the city. HIS has required NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to take … See Initial Short article Tawel Fan mental health device scandal probe to be led by Savile investigators A”small number”have likewise been described the Nursing Council and the General Medical Council. At the same time, Donna Ockenden will be conducting a 2nd, larger evaluation taking a look at the health board’s systems and processes with a timescale for her … See Original Article Doctor ' offered biased evidence in shaken child death cases ' The conduct of Dr Waney Squier at civil and criminal proceedings was said by the General Medical Council(GMC)to be untrustworthy, intentionally misleading and unethical. The hearing is concentrating on 6 cases

in which the specialist neuropathologist … See Original Post Indian Medical Association Refutes Allegations Being Targeted Towards President Elect of the World Medical Association -Dr Ketan Desai In 2013, the Brazil General Assembly withdrawed his suspension. A councilconference at Japan set-up

steps for his reinstallation in 2016, based upon an interaction sent out by the Indian Medical Association

( IMA), confining a CBI letter employing the status of seven … See Initial Article

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