GMC statement about RCGP's revalidation guidance

GMC declaration about RCGP’s revalidation guidance

Commenting in reaction to the Royal College of General Practitioners’ upgraded revalidation assistance, Niall Dickson, President of the General Medical Council, stated: ‘Revalidation should be a positive challenge for medical professionals, not a problem, which is why we welcome this brand-new guidance from the RCGP. This simplifies and clarifies the details which GPs must bring to their appraisals – we hope they find this handy. ‘The impact of revalidation on physicians is something that we are considering really carefully. We have lots of evidence that for lots of doctors it is a favorable and beneficial experience which has helped them to reflect on their practice. But we always said this was just the start and that we would learn from the experience of the first few years– that is why we have j.

GMC statement: The GMC welcomes NHS England’s General Practice Forward View

Niall Dickson, President of the General Medical Council, said: ‘GPs in England are under big stress at the moment and it is important that we keep the work associated with policy to a minimum. ‘This plan commits us, the Care Quality Commission and NHS England to work more carefully together to reduce and line up the requirements that we place on basic practice. It is important that we attend to any unneeded overlaps, as well as spaces. ‘Individually we are carefully assessing the effect of revalidation. We recently commissioned Sir Keith Pearson to carry out a review bringing together all the evidence to assist us form revalidation in the future. ‘We can see that it is beginning to have a favorable impact, not least through much greater appraisal rates and huge assistance from Re …

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