Cuban Doctors Said to be in 'Medical Slavery'

Cuban Doctors Said to be in ''

Medical Slavery ' noted that Cuban doctors have been forced to migrate to Sierra Leone and Guinea to work, which she called a type of human trafficking. If they decline, their households are threatened as their precious state tasks are cut off and their children are …
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Ottawa to restrict power of Canada’s top medical professional, the main public health officer

The federal Liberal government of the time considered numerous different designs for the leading doctor task, but settled on making the effective prospect the deputy head of the company– the health minister is the head– since of the control and power it …
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Medical professionals, Nurses Tend to Wash Hands Less Typically Towards End of Shift: Study

A study exposes that physicians and nurses are cleaning their hands less often in the direction of completion of their shifts. Researchers discovered that the enhanced overlook in washing their hands is triggered by the demands of the task of being medical staff in a health center …
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