Bloodgate: How the scandal unfolded when Harlequins met Leinster in April 2009

Brennan got two years, while Chapman was suspended by the General Medical Council (later minimized to a reprimand). Williams, who offered proof, had his ban lowered to 4 months on appeal. Quins were fined EUR300,000 (₤ 237,000).
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Doctor appears in court accused of providing an abortion based on a child'' s gender in personal prosecution brought by pro-life campaigner

It comes after the Crown Prosecution Service decided to drop their prosecution against Dr Sivaraman and instead referring her to the General Medical Council. Following the choice, Miss Hubert, aged 21, from Brighton, instructed solicitors to bring a …
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Council confesses ‘incorrect’ asbestos disposal

Meanwhile, clinical guidance, received in the consequences of the final report being provided to Clare County Council, has concluded there is “no proof of risk” to the public. “Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral fibre and exists …
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