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GMC responds to Supreme Court judgment

GMC reacts to Supreme Court judgment View our response to the Supreme Court judgement NM vs Lanarkshire. Today the Supreme Court has discovered in favour of NM, the mom of a kid born with cerebral palsy, in a case against Lanarkshire Health Board. The GMC was granted permission to intervene in this case to […]

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Employers urged to create conditions which encourage doctors, nurses and midwives to admit mistakes

Employers advised to create conditions which motivate physicians, nurses and midwives to admit mistakesWhen traits fail patients should anticipate a face to deal with description and apology from doctors, nurses and midwives according to new assistance from the General Medical Council (GMC) and the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). But the regulators have also […]

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New standards put patient safety at the heart of medical education and training

New standards put client security at the heart of medical education andtraining The General Medical Council(GMC)has today introduced an assessment on new requirements which, for the first time, will produce a single set of standards for organisations providing medical education and training throughout the UK. The requirements will unite the medical education and training […]

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GMC statement: The GMC welcomes NHS England’s General Practice Forward View

GMC statement: The GMC invites NHS England’s General Practice Forward ViewNiall Dickson, President of the General Medical Council, stated: ‘GPs in England are under big stress at the minute and it is important that we keep the work associated with policy to a minimum. ‘This strategy dedicates us, the Care Quality Commission and NHS […]

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Heart service closure at Glenfield not motivated by money, say NHS England

Heart service closure at Glenfield not motivated by money, state NHS EnglandHe explained that nationwide standards for heart services were agreed by NHS … They were set following 2 years of clinical and public engagement and based on the evidence gathered. He said that an assessment of Leicester’s own surgical practices revealed … See […]

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