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Doctor from Indiana plans long run to fight cancer in Coos County

Doctor from Indiana prepares long run to eliminate cancer in Coos CountyInitially, Henderson feared that he would miss the teaching element when he took the job in Coos Bay, but thanks to an agreement with Oregon Health and Science University in Portland he has had the ability to remain to inform future physicians of oncology.See […]

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Teen was ‘fobbed off’ by doctor; told her rare cancer was just a pulled muscle

Teen was ‘fobbed off’ by medical professional; told her uncommon cancer was simply a pulled muscleMelissa’s mother Alison, who needed to give up her task as a carer to look after her daughter full … She did a lot of trampolining so we believed the medical professional’s opinion at first, but quickly the pain got […]

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In rotten health

In rotten healthWe continue to follow a universal curriculum and curriculum which the British left behind. While a greatly reformed General Medical Council (GMC) of Britain rigorously evaluates the academic quality of brand-new medical colleges by following through to the very first …See Initial Post GMC reacts to the BMJ post on the Forming Of […]

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Research suggests how online register could be improved to make it fit for the future

Research suggests how online register might be enhanced making it suitable for the futureNew research released today recommends how the online medical register, which notes all certified physicians eligible to work in the UK, could be improved to make it better and availableSee Original Article Dr Lyons deals with brand-new queryDr Lyons’ licence to practise […]

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The GMC responds to The Guardian’s article about language testing for European doctors

The GMC responds to The Guardian’s short article about language testing for European medical professionalsA response to The Guardian’s post about European physicians being avoided from acquiring a licence due to language checks.See Original Short article Eva Carneiro: Video emerges showing full extent of Jose Mourinho ' s angry tirade against Chelsea physician and physio […]

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