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Ebola-fighting health workers get NY job protection

Ebola-fighting health employees get NY job securityImage: Buck Ennis (Bloomberg)– Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio are offering job protection and monetary incentives for healthcare employees who treat Ebola in West Africa. Under the program, doctors and nurses who take a trip to the region would …See Original Post Doctors to cabbies: don'' […]

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Doctor Clocked Speeding at 118 Mph

Physician Clocked Speeding at 118 MphThe state suspended Dr. John Catanzaro forever. It was not his patients who grumbled, the physician says, but another health organization not familiar with his naturopathic medicine. Jefferson Cops Chief Dave Morlan said about 7:15 a.m., a motor …See Initial Post A&E Specialist Locum Doctor – EssexThorough knowledge of the […]

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Essential maintenance to some key systems Sunday 2 November

Vital upkeep to some vital systems Sunday 2 NovemberAdvance notice that some crucial systems will certainly be unavailable.See Original Post Council leader criticises Borders health board plans A representative for NHS Borders today told the Border Telegraph:”In spite ofsubstantial enhancement in the management of cars going into and parking within the Borders General … Council […]

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Dissecting melancholia with evidence-based biomarker tools

Current Psychiatry 2014 February;13(2):41-48, 57.

Insight into the neuroanatomical pathophysiology of depression may shed light on the future of managing this disease.

Murali Rao, MD
Professor and Chair
Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences
Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine
Chicago, Illinois

Julie M. Alderson, DO
East Liverpool City Hospital
East Liverpool, Ohio

For more than 50 years, depression has been studied, and understood, as a […]

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Medical Council to review Victoria Hospital complaint

Medical Council to review Victoria Medical facility problemDr Ba Shwe, a retired medical superintendent from Meiktila General Medical facility, said the council needs to examine why the youngster specialist had to transfer the infant to Yankin Children’s Healthcare facility. He said the death certificated showed the baby had …See Initial Post Officials inform Akron Council […]

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