Zika: Health Ministry to meet National Fatwa Council over medical advice for pregnant victims [VIDEO]

Zika: Health Ministry to satisfy National Fatwa Council over medical recommendations for pregnant victims [VIDEO]

PUTRAJAYA: The Health Ministry will be meeting the National Fatwa Council next week to talk about on medical advice for pregnant ladies contaminated with the Zika infection, said its minister Datuk Seri Dr S.Subramaniam. Dr Subrmaniam was reacting to a concern on whether pregnant ladies contaminated with Zika would be permitted to undergo an abortion. “The Cabinet has instructed the ministry to talk about the matter after taking scientific and Islamic perspectives into consideration. “Our stand on abortion is that it is only enabled if there is a threat to the pregnant mothers,” he told an interview, here today. Federal Area Mufti Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri was previously reported as stating that fetus abortion of a lady contaminated with Zika can be done if it could bring difficulty, sadnes …
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pleas to scale down action The first of a series of crippling 5 day strikes by junior medical professionals looks set to go ahead next month, regardless of fears over client safety. British Medical Association (BMA) leaders have remained in talks today to discuss whether to call off the strikes planned between now and Christmas. But a representative stated ‘the BMAs position has not altered’ and the commercial action will go on as prepared. Since January junior physicians have been locked in a bitter row with ministers over a brand-new contract that will see them paid less for weekend work. The Federal government insists the revised deals are essential to provide a seven day NHS service but junior physicians rejected a settlement brokered in the spring. Recently Ellen McCourt, the chairwoman of the junior doctors committee at the BMA, revealed a s.
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