United States requires no-fly zone over Syria as 5 French medical charity staff killed in airstrike T he Unified States has required an effective no-fly zone over Syria after a wave of airstrikes on humanitarian convoys by Russian and Syrian aircraft left the nation’s future “hanging by a thread.” John Kerry, the US Secretary of State told a session of the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday that just a grounding of all airplane might safeguard civilians from Bashar al-Assad’s program and stated Vladimir Putin need to deal with a “moment of truth” over the battle of a UN aid convoy on Monday. “The future of Syria is hanging by a thread,” Mr Kerry said. “We can not go back to business as typical.” Halting flight would offer a “opportunity for humanitarian support to stream unobstructed,” he included. Today #UOSSM grieves four heroes who provided selflessly to assist others … the four personnel, 2 nurses and 2 chauffeurs, … https://t.co/6tgId0va3y H owever, Mr Kerry did not utilize the term “no-fly zone”, and his need is not likely to result in official air policing. Russia intervened in Syria in 2015 partially to avert Western plans for a no-fly zone, which Moscow feared might be utilized as cover for a military project to topple Mr Assad. Russia would likely veto any such proposition at the Security Council. Mr Kerry’s remarks came hours after at least five personnel from a French medical charity were eliminated when their clinic in northern Syria was hit by an airstrike, the most recent in an eruption of violence since the breakdown of a week-long truce brokered by the United States and Russia The Union of Healthcare and Relief Organisations, understood by the French acronym UOSSM, stated 3 nurses and 2 ambulances motorists were killed when their medical facility was bombed outside Aleppo. “This is a terrible act versus healthcare workers and medical facilities,” said Dr Khaula Sawah, the head of UOSSM USA. T he attack damaged the three-story medical center and two ambulances in the rebel-held town of Khan Touman, according to the charity. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a group that keeps track of the battling in Syria, said at least 9 militants were also eliminated in the strike, including some from Jaish Fateh al-Sham, a jihadist group connected to al-Qaeda. The strike, believed to have been performed by either Russia or the Syrian program, is the most recent in an eruption of violence in Syria since the breakdown of a week-long truce brokered by the United States and Russia. T he US has blamed Russia for the bombing of a Red Crescent aid convoy on Monday night, which killed around 20 individuals and prompted the UN to halt the delivery of aid throughout Syria. The Telegraph revealed on Tuesday that Western officials believes the two-hour battle attack on the 31-vehicle convoy near Aleppo was vengeance for a US-led strike that killed over 60 Syrian government forces on Saturday. US officials later validated they believe two Russian SU-24 bomber aircraft were in the skies above the convoy which the US believed Russia was responsible for the attack. Russian and regime forces have also resumed their barrage of the rebel-held eastern half of Aleppo, with lots of airstrikes pummelling the city. “It is unbelievable the variety of airstrikes that are targeting Aleppo areas”, stated Abdelkafe al-Hamdo, an opposition activist in the city. Western diplomats said they were urgently aiming to revive the ceasefire contract with Russia, which they see as the only real path to slowing the violence in Syria and aiming to reboot political negotiations to be bring the five-year war to an end. The chances for a restored deal appeared slim after a furious exchanges in between the US and Russia at the Security Council on Wednesday. Sergey Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, dismissed a fresh ceasefire unless “all sides” agreed, saying rebel groups had used previous truces as a chance to rearm which the United States had actually failed to use its impact with militants to encourage them to respect the ceasefire. Mr Kerry responded that his colleague was living in “a different universe” and accused Russia of intentionally obfuscating about the aid convoy battle. “This is not a joke,” he said after listing several conflicting accounts of the attack advanced by Russia. Russia’s defence ministry claimed on Wednesday to have spotted an US Predator drone over the UN convoy assaulted on Wednesday. It did not directly implicate the US of carrying out the attack, nevertheless. In earlier declarations, Russian authorities variously stated the convoy had caught fire spontaneously which drone video footage had actually identified a group of militants driving a pick-up truck with a mortar together with it. Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary, said a real ceasefire would depend on shift far from the Assad government. “It is a conflict that is being fed and nurtured and armed and abetted and protracted and made more ugly by the actions and the inactions of governments in this space,” he said at the Security Council Session. Theresa May stated “there can be no military solution to the dispute in Syria” in a speech in New york city. Speaking with President Barack Obama’s US refugee summit, the prime minister said: “We need to all put our weight behind efforts in New york city to agree a ceasefire and resume space UN-led settlements, leading to genuine political shift far from Assad to a new, comprehensive government that governs for all Syrians. Russia dispatched an aircraft carrier to enhance its flotilla off the Syrian coast on Wednesday, in a deepening of its military commitment there. The Admiral Kuznetsov, Russia’s only provider and the flagship of the Russian navy, will sign up with an existing flotilla of 6 war ships and four support vessels, Sergei Shoigu, the Russian defence minister, said. The Soviet- constructed vessel brings MiG-29 jets and Ka-52 attack helicopters that are anticipated to take part in combat operations over Syria.
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How will the junior physicians’strike impact patients?Medical leaders and medical facility supervisors had alerted the short notice – the walkout was just announced last week – indicated care would be endangered. But the General Medical Council (GMC), the independent body which manages the medical industry, has stated a strike might hurt patients. The British Medical Association has suspended next week’s planned strike action, after being told by NHS England that services “can not deal with the notification period” that was offered. This follows it was announced that junior physicians will strike for five days from September 12 and in October, November and December. “Future action is still preventable”. Senior physicians have voiced strong opposition to the series of five-day strikes prepared by their junior coworkers, warning that the action will trigger real issues f.
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Niall Dickson to step down as Chief Executive of the General Medical Council at the end of 2016 Niall Dickson has announced his decision to step down at the end of 2016 as President and Registrar of the GMC, after seven years in the role. Throughout his leadership, the GMC has provided a program of considerable reforms throughout all its functions and end up being more reliable in protecting clients and improving requirements of medical practice in the UK. Announcing his decision to step down Niall Dickson said: ‘We have come a long way and I am exceptionally proud of what the organisation has attained in the last few years, but there will be no loss of momentum as I enter my final year in this role. We will continue our major reform program – taking forward Revalidation, modernising the medical register, establishing a single medical licensing assessment for global and UK medical graduate …
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