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When trust management started questioning my functioning, I immediately became very isolated. I did not accept the accusations. I was not in a position to talk to colleagues about it and felt very isolated. Luckily I found the doctorssupportgroup on the internet and during meetings it became obvious that I was not the only one.


I’m a junior doctor who went in front of the GMC following an incident in 201x, just saw an e-mail about a support group meeting and realised I hadn’t sent you an update as to what happened to me.

I was given a 28 day suspension by the GMC and unfortunately the Deanery advised me that I would no longer be allowed to continue my training. I am under the impression that I will now be allowed to apply for speciality registrar posts but am still trying to clarify this

I was obviously quite cut up at the time but have got my life back on track largely and I know that when I get a training number sorted it’ll be a huge weight off my mind. I just wanted to say a huge thanks – your guidance and rapid responses were exactly what I needed at the time and especially given that you’d never met me before to have your advice and sympathy meant a huge amount to me and your service really is invaluable. Maybe in a few years when things have blown over a bit more I could also get a bit more involved and help out –

Anyway, thanks again for all your helpDSG Success


I would like to inform everyone in DSG …

… the good news that the GMC has considered the allegation of (mis)conduct made against me and decided that I have “no case to answer” !

I think my previous Trust Board has now used up their “last bullet” against me.

Unless of course they decide to expose themselves by sending their employment solicitors after me … and try a desperate ‘last stand’ !

I have survived it all the ‘conflict’ from 9 years ago ! I have now come to the top of the “whistleblowing process” pyramid.

This played out like a game of chess !

I am now re-employed as you know in XXX Hospital which is a Trust very supportive of me and the expertise I deliver.

I am very grateful to DSG.

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