Shaken Babies: What's the Truth?

Shaken Babies: What’s the Truth?Parents face prison or losing their children, if courts find them guilty of damaging their infants by shaking them. One doctor who frequently appears as a professional witness for the defence is now herself on trial charged by the General Medical Council of offering undependable proof in shaken-baby cases. Reporter Alison Holt has unique access to the neuropathologist at the centre of a fight about the medical diagnosis of shaking, and she meets families where it has been shown and where founded guilty moms and dads remain to protest their innocence … See all stories on this subject Personal Clients Forum seeks CEO as itsets out ‘ambitious ‘strategy PPF is now introducing an ambitious method to enhance its effect and develop support for its function in providing personal patients a voice across the industry. Developed five years earlier, PPF has ended up being a key resource for patients trying to find information before they get care and someplace to share their experiences afterwards. It has also become the voice of patients among key public stakeholders such as the Care Quality Commission, General Medical Council and Competitors & Markets Authority. Don Grocott, present director of The Private Patients Forum said:”We have actually made an exceptional start with much valued assistance primarily from key hospital groups and now we need to construct momentum to be the champ that patients searching for, providing in a manner that all the industry can support “2 thi … See all stories on this topic Rotavirus vaccine by month-end The Indian Council of Medical Research will be launching the rotavirus vaccine through the nationwide immunisation programme by
the month-end, said Sowmya Swaminathan, director general of the Indian Council of Medical Research. The vaccine will be at first offered to all children in Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Odisha and Himachal and later broadened across the nation. ICMR would soon be undertaking the first phase of trial of malaria vaccine, she told the medical graduants of Bharath University, urging them to come up with methods and research programs. The obstacles in India were different from the West and hence the Western concepts could not be copied here, she mentioned. We n. News Source:!.?.!See all stories on this subject Letter to the Daily Mail This website uses cookies. Find out more about our cookie policy or Accept cookies Check out Niall Dickson’s letter reacting to a short article about Dr Solomonides’ suspension Sir– In his newest column (Why I understanding of that physician who ranted about A&E time-wasters, 5 March)Max Pemberton attacks the decision made by a self-governing Tribunal to impose a brief suspension on a doctor who over a number of years had actually made a series of abusive and offending comments online, including remarks about groups of clients searching for treatment in his department. Max Pemberton rightly argues that physicians are entitled to their opinions and ought to have flexibility of speech. That is vital in a democratic society, and indeed

are disappointed that the conversations in between the BMA and NHS Employers have not been

successful. “He stated that medical professionals had the right to strike.See all stories on this topic

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