Security Council demands protection for hospitals and health workers in conflict zones

Security Council requires defense for healthcare facilities and health employees in conflict zones

Speaking with the 15-member body, Secretary-General … and medical employees are not just isolated or incidental battlefield fallout, but rather the desired objective of the contenders. This is disgraceful and untenable,” Mr. Restriction told Council members.See all stories on this subject”Direct attacks”against medical personnel and clients”have to end”The”methodical damage”of medical facilities, staff and clients throughout dispute is a violation of worldwide law that”should end”. That’s according to the UN Secretary General, briefing the Security Council on Tuesday. Ban Ki-moon was speaking … See all stories on this subject The current: UN Security Council to convene on Aleppo Britain’s U.N. Ambassador Matthew Rycroft stated U.N. Secretary-General Restriction Ki-moon need to … being eliminated, “Rycroft told the council after members embraced a resolution demanding an end to attacks on hospitals and medical workers in Syria and other … See all stories on this subject

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