NHS crisis: Now doctors set to quit and work abroad thanks to Government cuts

NHS crisis: Now doctors set to give up and work abroad thanks to Government cuts

In just three days recently the General Medical Council (GMC) received a staggering 1,644 requests for Certificates of Present Professional Status (CCPS) – which medical professionals need to make an application for when planning to work abroad. The GMC typically gets around 20 to …
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1,600 doctors use to work overseas in just 3 DAYS: Huge spike in applications after government reveals plans to enforce brand-new agreements on junior medics

In simply 3 days recently, the General Medical Council got 1,644 requests for Certificates of Existing Expert Status, which are needed for work abroad. Typically, it gets just 20 to 25 a day. The extraordinary spike in applications started …
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Medical professionals require divestment from fossil fuels

For a 3rd year in a row, a group of eco-conscious physicians will campaign at the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) General Council Aug. 23– 26 for physician associations to divest from fossil fuels and reinvest in renewable energy. The global …
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Numbers of NHS medical professionals signing up to work abroad might reach unprecedented levels

Doctors seeking to work overseas have to apply for Certificates of Present Professional Status (CCPS) from their regulator, the General Medical Council (GMC). Usually the GMC receives around 20 to 25 requests a day for CCPS files but in just three days …
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Junior medical professionals resist contract that could cut pay by using to work outdoors UK

Federal government warned that Britain deals with an exodus of young physicians as the General Medical Council receives rise in applications to work abroad The government has been told it deals with catastrophe in the health service after a questionable brand-new contract troubled …
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University of Central Lancashire introduces medical degree that is only open to overseas students

Numerous global students apply to study medicine in the UK each year, drawn by the international reputation of the NHS and British research, and by the chance to register with the General Medical Council at the end of the course and possibly work in …
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Young doctors should pay off debt to taxpayers before moving abroad

Yet some young doctors are taking the abilities they have obtained at British taxpayers’ expenditure overseas. The General Medical Council reports a rise in those seeking to emigrate to work– there were nearly 1,700 applications recently alone.See Original Short article

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