NCAS Revised Role in MHPS

NCAS’ revised role in MHPS – October 2014

I write to advise that the reporting requirements for monitoring exclusions of doctors and dentists under Maintaining High Professional Standards in the modern NHS (Department of Health, 2005) have passed to the National Clinical Assessment Service (NCAS) (part of the NHS Litigation Authority) from Strategic Health Authorities and employers are now requested to forward their monthly Board returns (MHPS Part II para 38) to NCAS at [email protected] with immediate effect.

Reporting for non Foundation Trusts is mandatory under MHPS and we strongly encourage Foundation Trusts (FTs) to follow the same reporting process as non FTs to ensure consistency of the application of the MHPS framework and any local policies which build upon this. Reporting in this way also assists with meeting the quality governance arrangements required under Monitor’s compliance framework.

For those who are less familiar with NCAS’ role in MHPS, here is a summary of what you are required to do with regard to notifying NCAS if you are an employer considering excluding a doctor or dentist from work:

  • If you are considering an immediate exclusion you should discuss this with NCAS
  • If you are considering a formal exclusion (up to a period of four weeks) you must discuss this with NCAS
  • If the exclusion is going to be extended over a prolonged period of time (e.g. if there is a police or other investigation) the case must be referred to NCAS
  • After three periods of four weeks of exclusion NCAS must be contacted to discuss the position.

Please refer to Part II of the framework for more details about restricting practice and excluding a doctor or dentist from work.

NCAS can offer immediate telephone advice to employers considering restriction of practice or exclusion, provide an analysis of the situation and offer advice irrespective of whether the doctor or dentist is excluded.  It is good practice for employers to work closely with NCAS whilst a practitioner is excluded to ensure that the justification for the exclusion remains valid and that action is in hand to address the concerns which gave rise to the exclusion.

For any advice about the resolution of a performance concern about doctors, dentists or pharmacists please contact NCAS on:

  • England: 0207 972 2999
  • Northern Ireland: 028 9266 3241
  • Wales: 029 2044 7540.

If you have any queries about your responsibilities for reporting exclusions please contact Claire McLaughlan, Associate Director at NCAS and the Lead for MHPS reporting at [email protected] or 0207 972 2952.

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