Mother is jailed for subjecting her children to needless surgery so she could claim £375,000 in benefits – despite doctor's warning THREE YEARS before she was arrested

Mom is jailed for subjecting her children to needless surgery so she could declare ₤ 375,000 in benefits– in spite of medical professional’s caution 3 YEARS before she was arrested

A mom who forced her children to have a years of unneeded surgical treatment in a ₤ 375,000 advantages rip-off was jailed today as it emerged she could have been stopped 3 years earlier. Paediatrician Dr Susanna Hart wrote to other professionals at world popular health centers in 2010 raising issues the children were at danger but their mother was not detained up until 2013. The 49-year-old, who can not be named for legal factors, deceived medical professionals into believing her children were struggling with a host of severe health conditions for more than a years. Her lies led to her young son and daughter having agonizing and unwarranted treatments, consisting of having gastrostomy tubes fitted to their stomachs. Her kid had an irreversible operation to minimize his stomach capacity by 20 per cent and he was kept in nappies until he was nearly 8. And her child was fed twice a day via a tube at school in spite of having the ability to consume usually. She even implicated the children of being liars when they denied they were weak. Imprisoning her for seven years and 6 months Judge Elizabeth Smaller stated she had actually ‘robbed’ her children of normal lives in the pursuit of money. She stated: ‘Most people look for absolutely nothing but enjoyment from their children and many people wish their children most of all good health. ‘You looked for to make your children a problem to medicalise their requirements, to dramatise their lives in a way that might not cannot have some effect upon them when the reality was your children had nothing like such severe illnesses at all.’ She ensured her daughter was fed through a tube at school two times a day in a humiliating and disruptive affair in spite of her eating routinely in your home. Judge Smaller said: ‘She lost out on normal life and being a regular child’. Mrs Justice Smaller sized also applauded Dr Hart for raising the alarm but criticised the many doctors who neglected her. ‘Dr Hart sounded an alarm bell about this mom in Might 2010 writing to those medical professionals to whom these children had been referred in the most esteemed teaching hospitals in this capital, just to discover herself inadequately supported, and as she states – rebuffed. ‘Em inent though those doctors are and at the leading edge of medicine in their respective fields – with only one exception, what none of them did was get the phone and speak with Dr Hart. ‘Dr Hart – seeing herself as merely a humble general paediatrician who accepted those professionals – felt unsupported in 2010 and unable to produce any intervention in this family. ‘It refers regret that such certified and knowledgeable physician at world renowned hospitals did not maintain much better channels of communication. ‘However busy and educated they remain in their field they may all with hindsight have concurred that they could have discovered much about this defendant from talking to Dr Hart and each other. The General Medical Council is now examining the case. Their mom inflicted ruthlessness on her children dupe the taxpayer from one of the biggest benefits overpayments in history. The lady, from Croydon, south London, ‘lied at every opportunity’ by informing medics her children experienced autism, asthma, urology and stomach conditions. She even motivated her child to show signs of autism, withstood nursery personnel’s attempts to toilet train him and made him take steroids for asthma regardless of showing no signs of wheezing at school. The mom, who can not be called for legal factors, was today imprisoned for seven-and-a-half years at Croydon Crown Court. Andrew Evans, prosecuting, said: ‘So severe the degree of monetary loss … makes this case among the biggest advantages overpayments attributable to a single plaintiff which the Department for Work and Pensions has taped.’ The mother broke down in tears as she was imprisoned in front of as much as 10 members of family. The mother as soon as took her kid to the medical professionals dressed all in yellow as he clutched a yellow balloon, informing them he was showing obsessive behaviour connected to autism. The judge said: ‘You would inform those moms and dads in the presence of that kid that it was the kid that was the phony.’ The set, who are now being cultivated, both had various dangerous operations under basic anaesthetic. The trial was shown evidence that the children were consuming generally on trips to McDonald’s and Toby Carvery. Judge Smaller included: ‘I’m of the view that your continued representational scams was with the intention of obtaining the highest possible levels of discomfiture benefits. ‘I’m also of the view that the compassion and interest you got for being a having a hard time mother of such ill children was also a really significant draw for your offending.’ She imprisoned her for all 15 counts for seven-and-a-half years to run simultaneously. Stephen Moses QC, in mitigation, stated the mother struggled with anxiety, stress and anxiety problems and from personality conditions. He stated: ‘She was otherwise a great mother to those children.’ Investigators from the Met Cops’s Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Kid Abuse Command raided her home and discovered a stockpile of unused prescription drugs and feeding devices that costed the NHS around ₤ 145,870. The mom and her partner were jailed that day, in Might 2013, on suspicion of disregard and kid ruthlessness. The CPS did not bring charges versus the dad. She was wrongly paid ₤ 87,424.25 in Disability Living Allowance by fabricating the children’s illnesses between October 2003 and February 2014. And regardless of dealing with her partner who made up to ₤ 38,000 a year she wrongly declared Earnings Support, bringing the amount to ₤ 375,198.02. She was found guilty of 4 counts of child ruthlessness, 7 counts of making a false representation, two counts of obtaining cash by incorrect representation and 2 counts of fraud by incorrect representation. Anne Longfield, children’s commissioner for England, stated: ‘This was a sickening deceptiveness – it’s difficult to picture how a mom could put greed prior to the health and well-being of her children in such a horrific method, resulting in them having highly intrusive and unneeded surgical treatment. ‘It’s vital that the major case review now reveals how a lot of specialists might have been deceived by this woman for so long so that we can minimise the chance of this ever taking place once again.’ See all stories on this topic

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