Monster doctor muffled woman's screams with pillowcase as he raped her

Beast medical professional muffled female’s screams with pillowcase as he raped her

Disgraced Michael Lever will spend a minimum of four-and-a-half years in jail for the rape and abuse of two ladies over a 20-year period. Lever –– who was called a “monster” by among his victims in court –– has since been struck off by the General Medical Council. Judge Girl Rae stated: “You have been described as managing, abusive in addition to sexually and physically violent. “From the material I have read, you appear to have little understanding of the impact of your behaviour. The scary attacks happened in between 1993 and 2013 in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayr and the Borders. Lever initially said the women had actually agreed to have sex but a jury unanimously convicted him. Lever was formerly put behind bars for 15 months in 2013 after he was convicted for attacking relative. L.

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