Medical MacGyver to the rescue! Hero doctor saves toddler suffering asthma attack on flight by building makeshift medical device out of plastic bottle

Medical MacGyver to the rescue! Hero doctor conserves young child suffering asthma attack on flight by building makeshift medical gadget out of plastic bottle

That is when Dr Expert, who in his day job establishes robotic surgical gadgets, activated his creativity and cobbled together a makeshift nebulizer. The doctor counted on items that he had on hand: an oxygen tank, a plastic water bottle and a length of …
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Leading the GOP Is the Worst Task in Washington

ike the sudden death of a terminal cancer client whose medical professionals believed he had at least a few more months … Hastert, in turn, just got the task after Newt Gingrich resigned after a bad showing in the 1998 elections and an installing party insurrection.See Original Short article Scams case declares hundreds of surgeries by non-doctor LOS ANGELES(AP)– The patient was unconscious and prepared for surgical treatment, but the medical professional was not in. Instead of the Stanford-and Harvard-trained orthopedic surgeon who was supposed to carry out the operation, the patient got a physician assistant who would do … See Original Short article WSIB suit: Fired health center worker details

has a hard time after losing his claim An injured hospital worker who states his claim was rejected by the Workplace Security and Insurance coverage Board– regardless of backup from a physician who presumably provided … had a hard time to make money after losing his job. Shawn McCabe, a 46-year-old daddy of two … See Initial Short article Doctor Purdy remembers era of home calls”The medical professional
supported it. Nowadays,

were putting jobs at danger, “the claim said. When Hammett

chose not to resign, in July 2013, the health center fired him, the claim said.See Original Post Hospital-employed medical professionals raise questions about care”We are losing our autonomy. The loyalty of numerous medical professionals that have adopted this employment model is that they need to focus on exactly what their employers want and drive profits to their facilities. It runs contrary to the Hippocratic oath that I took.”See Original Post

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