Medical Council of India — RIP

Medical Council of India– RIP

The IMC Act 1956 developed the MCI to manage medical education, licensing, registration and ethics; and thereby the healthcare delivery system. It was thwarted culminating in the then president’s arrest for accepting kickbacks for favorable medical college evaluation reports. Strangely enough, just one case against him stays to be heard; the rest were dropped “for absence of evidence”. MCI coworkers and IMA national leaders campaigned for his installation as President of the World Medical Association by certifying that he had actually been cleared of all cases. This reeked of chicanery and subterfuge because at that time, three cases were still pending. A backlash was unavoidable. The MCI was liquified in 2010, and by regulation, a governing board appointed. A little over three years later, a new ele …
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“> See all stories on this subject Berkeley City Council authorizes licenses for 2 medical marijuana dispensary applicants topical analysis prison was NOT discussed propaganda analysis Wednesday, September 21, 2016 Show Menu * Promote * Press Pass City Wednesday, September 21, 2016 Berkeley City board authorizes licenses for 2 medical marijuana dispensary applicants Tweet Comment0 Related Posts City board to cover cannabis dispensaries, general fund reserve at conference Tuesday Berkeley preparing commission talks increase in variety of dispensaries in city City board approves Fourth marijuana dispensary at meeting After almost three hours of discussions and public comment at its full-capacity routine conference Tuesday, Berkeley City Council voted to award allows to Berkeley Compassionate Care Center and the Apothecarium that will enable them to run medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. Ber …
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“> See all stories on this topic Independent research for the GMC shows ethnicity still a consider future medical professionals’ potential customers

The General Medical Council (GMC) has today released new research and data on the progression of medical professionals from different ethnic cultures and backgrounds through exams and recruitment. It reveals that white UK medical graduates remain most likely to pass specialized tests than their black and minority ethnic (BME) equivalents, while doctors whose primary qualification was gotten outside the UK or European Economic Area (EEA) are even less most likely to do well in examinations or recruitment. The GMC sets the standards for all phases of UK medical education and training, and oversees the organisations which manage and deliver it to physicians. It is responsible for ensuring the pathways through medical training are fair and don’t disadvantage entrants from different backgrounds. This is the second year the GM …
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