Major children’s dental study underway

Major children’s dental study underway

Academic and scientific staff from University of Manchester and Lancashire Care Dental Services facilitated the training and calibration which was carried out in line with national protocols for epidemiological evaluation of children’s teeth. Michael …
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Arizona Oncology Broadens Flagstaff Practice to Satisfy Growing Demand for Solutions in Northern Arizona

Arizona Oncology, a practice in The United States Oncology Network, has broadened its Flagstaff clinic area to satisfy the growing need for cancer treatment services in Northern … radio press reporter for the Czechoslovak National Broadcast Co., a film critic and …
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Bloodborne viruses and work environment injury danger

A testimonial of nationwide information reveals that … personnel of the risks postured in their clinical setting by needlestick injuries were required. The importance of strong leadership and ownership, supported by local information and service-specific details were identified …
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