Life After Medicine:

Leaving the medical career – whether through retirement, a prepared profession change or one determined by conditions – can be a tough transition.

Lots of professionals experience opposition from others or from within themselves. They might be daunted by questions or fears on what to do next, or find their previous know-how and expert status hard to leave behind. This book, composed by an experienced former physician and life coach, assists and motivates medical professionals pondering or facing leaving the career to comprehend their position and needs, and to clarify their objectives. It provides simple but detailed resources, techniques and reflections to check out where they are, where they wish to be, ways to arrive, and the best ways to lead a content and fulfilling life if and when they do leave medicine. Compulsory reading for anyone with profession misgivings or doubts, or in a position forced or picked where it is time for professional practice to take a rear. Those who are considering or nearing retirement will also discover Susan’s comprehensive point of views on stopping medical practice important.

Life after Medicine
Life after Medicine – Susan E Kersley


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