iCBT for depression: how does it work?

iCBT for depression: how does it work?The fairies have blogged about the efficiency of Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Treatment (cCBT) often known as Web Cognitive Behavioural Treatment (iCBT) for depression on lots of previous celebrations. Although there does appear some proof that it minimizes symptoms in children and adolescents, evidence in grownups is at finest weak. Reviewing the literature, one can clearly see how extremely appealing the principle of using online access to CBT is to commissioners and clients in regards to expense savings and availability, such that it often appears to me that we are desperate to prove it works because it is an inexpensive alternative to face-to-face, expensive but efficient treatment! I ought to state here that I am sceptical about cCBT/iCBT having actually been involved in its practical application in pr …
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