Health board spending 'running amok', claims council leader

Health board spending '' running amok ', claims council leader A council leader has accused health boards in Wales of “running amok” and spending beyond your means … about the need for an examination into how boards handle their financial resources. Today, Auditor General Huw Vaughan Thomas required an urgent and far-ranging …
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Council allows hospital blood shippings to use bus lane throughout roadworks – ultimately

A four-mile diversion triggered by the closure of part of Colchester’s busy Northern Strategy Road postponed the shipping of blood to Colchester General … medical products being delayed. “The hospital raised the problem with Essex County Council and …
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Security council press statement on Ebola

alert and respond to public health risks. The members of the Security Council invited the swift establishment on 19 September by United Nations General Assembly resolution 69/1 of UNMEER. They revealed their appreciation for the efforts undertaken …
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