GMC welcomes Sir Robert Francis' report into NHS whistleblowing

GMC invites Sir Robert Francis ‘report into NHS

whistleblowing’Flexibility to Speak out’, an independent review into creating an open and truthful reporting culture in the NHS was released today. Led by Sir Robert Francis QC, the evaluation (pdf) supplies independent suggestions and recommendations on how to produce a culture where NHS personnel feel safe making disclosures about any aspect of the quality of care, malpractice or wrongdoing at work without worry of recrimination. To learn lessons from historical cases, the review engaged with individual NHS employees, along with companies, trade unions, professional and system regulators and professional representative bodies. Commenting on today’s report Niall Dickson, President of the GMC, stated: ‘Physicians are much more most likely today to raise issues about standards of care than they were a gen.
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“> See all stories on this topic GMC declaration: refusing risky rotas Following a number of queries by means of social networks, we have actually provided the following assistance to doctors who may be asked to cover rota spaces which they feel they can not safely cover. The design of rotas should be safe for medical professionals in training and safe for the clients they care for. Our brand-new requirements for medical education and training– Promoting quality– need organisations to design rotas that make certain doctors in training have suitable medical supervision and minimise the adverse impacts of fatigue and work. We keep track of whether that requirement is being met in various methods, such as the regular reports that we get from postgraduate deans and through our quality control sees. Where there are concerns, we anticipate postgraduate deans to handle these with the NHS Trusts and su …
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“> See all stories on this topic GMC advises trainers to share their views from the frontline More than 45,000 senior physicians responsible for developing the next generation of consultants and GPs in the UK are being invited to share their views on the medical education supplied by their organisations. The General Medical Council (GMC) wishes to learn through those on the education frontline, as part of a brand-new UK-wide study of those who train physicians which opens today (Tuesday 22 March). The survey will run along with the GMC’s yearly study of the 60,000 doctors undergoing postgraduate training, which has been running for more than 10 years and also introduces today. In between them the studies will assist to offer a detailed image of postgraduate medical training across the UK. The 45,000 physicians, who are in acknowledged functions as trainers, will be asked for their feedback on the lear …
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“> See all stories on this topic European Commission Directorate General for Inte: Commission invites new contract for much safer use of medical devices The European Parliament and the Council have reached a contract for much better security and traceability of medical and in vitro diagnostic gadgets. Medical gadgets are medical equipment and devices for in vitro tests utilized either in health centers by health professionals or directly by the patient. There are over 500,000 types of medical devices and gadgets for in vitro tests on the EU market. These cover a large range of items from home-use products like sticking plasters, pregnancy tests and contact lenses to x-ray machines, pacemakers, breast implants, hip replacements and HIV blood tests. This brand-new agreement in between the European Parliament and the Council from 15 June 2016 takes on board some vital issues of the Commission indicated at several stages of the settlement and includes a serie …
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Declaration following the result of the EU referendum General Medical Council’Withdrawing from Europe will have ramifications for the manner in which we control physicians but we comprehend that the vote to leave the EU will have no impact on the registration status of any medical professional already on the register. ‘We will now explore how doctors from the EU will be granted access to the UK medical register and how any concerns about those medical professionals will be shared in between us and other countries. We will also look for to comprehend the implications for UK physicians wanting to operate in the EU once the UK is no longer a member state. ‘Much will depend upon whether the concept of complimentary movement is maintained within the treaty of withdrawal. ‘We will now begin to discuss these problems with the four UK Federal governments. Our primary concern in these conversations will …
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if a patient ought to not be driving, doctors told Physicians should inform the DVLA (or DVA in Northern Ireland), if a patient continues to drive against medical recommendations and fails to do this themselves. New draft guidance from the General Medical Council (GMC) emphasises a physician’s duty to divulge information to the DVLA or DVA, where the patient has failed to act. The strengthened assistance is part of a public assessment on the GMC’s core guidance on confidentiality, which intends to provide greater clearness for doctors on how to balance their legal and ethical responsibilities of privacy with their larger public defense duties. Feedback from doctors is that they frequently feel anxious about being criticised if they reveal details– but the GMC’s guidance is clear that privacy is not absolute. Physicians must divulge i.
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“> See all stories on this subject Privacy guidance: let us understand your views by 19 February We have reviewed our privacy assistance and would like to hear your views on our proposed modifications. We have reorganized the assistance to make it much easier to use in practice, and have broadened our guidance in a variety of areas, including on sharing info about grownups at threat of harm, and doctors’ data protection responsibilities. We have likewise evaluated a number of other pieces of explanatory guidance which tackle specific themes of privacy medical professionals commonly come across: We are seeking views from medical professionals, patients and those with an interest in this vital aspect of patient care. Learn more and take part before 19 February 2016 at: Media release 25/11/16:   Disclose to the DVLA if a client ought to not be driving, medical professionals told. To view …
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