Family doctors to be banned from assessing DSP welfare claims

Family physician to be prohibited from evaluating DSP well-being asserts

“There’s the whole network of services through the task network which’s aimed at helping people get back into work.” Physicians’ groups said accurate assessments of disability might be made only by people who knew the client’s medical histor
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Cuban physicians facing difficulties due to US Regulations

After a few months, he might not take it any longer and quit his job. That is the story for the majority of foreign physicians that show up in the U.S. and wind up working as waitress or cabby. The course to becoming a licensed medical professional in the U.S. begins with an …
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Medical professional takes legal action against Beacon Health center over supposed illegal agreement termination

A consultant has brought a High Court action against the personal Beacon Health center over supposedly unlawfully ending his agreement of employment. Dr Oisín Powell thinks his contract was ended due to the fact that he told the hospital he would sue over his …
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