'Dr Teflon' finally struck off after more than a dozen investigations

‘Dr Teflon’ finally struck off after more than a lots investigations

Gavin Denton, 56, was twice enabled to carry on working in spite of being criticised during 16 years of General Medical Council inquiries. Recently Denton was brought back prior to the GMC in Manchester for a third time and criticised over his “& ldquo; careless, incomprehensible and reckless behaviour”& rdquo;. The current incident happened in 2013 when Denton, of Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, found a patient had a colon tumour. After mum died, my sibling Googled Denton’s name and we were shocked to find there had been a long list of problems about him He attempted to get rid of part of the colon himself, even though it was “& ldquo; above his level of competence”& rdquo;, the hearing was told. Even by 2004, issue had grown to such a degree that lawyers held a public conference, which was atte …
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GMC declaration in reaction to Health Secretary’s statement on junior doctors’ contract

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GMC statement following the Forming of Training UK Steering Group statement

Inviting the statement today from the UK Steering Group, Niall Dickson, Chief Executive of the General Medical Council stated: “This is a crucial advance for UK medical training – everyone accepts that the medical workforce has to adapt to the changing needs of patients, which the method we educate and train doctors need to develop to support this need. More detailed work is now required, and that must include seeking the views of patients, doctors, companies and all those who work in medical education, in addition to those who money it. When it comes to authorizing programmes, our test will be whether they boost the quality of medical education and enhance the care and security of patients. We will work with all those involved to help accomplish this.” View the Steering Group state …
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Dr Waney Squier hearing

Our President discuss the MPTS choice to erase Dr Squier from the medical register. Niall Dickson, Chief Executive of the General Medical Council, said: ‘This case was not about the science – it was about Dr Squier’s conduct as a doctor working as a professional witness. It was brought following criticism of her proof by no less than 4 senior judges commanding some of the most major matters the courts have to handle. ‘A doctor giving proof in court is bound by the exact same requirements as a physician in clinical practice and by added guidelines set down by the courts. They have a duty to act with honesty and stability at all times, their work must be extensive and their viewpoint presented objectively and fairly. ‘Cases including claims of injury to children a.
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New GMC report highlights factors that impact progression of medical professionals in training

New data published by the General Medical Council (GMC) reports for the very first time on evaluation outcomes and recruitment results for different groups of doctors throughout the UK. Amongst the findings   (pdf), females doctors were most likely to pass their exams or be offered a training post than males. Ethnic minority doctors from UK medical schools did less well in recruitment and examinations than their white counterparts, but much better than white doctors from a non-UK medical school. Discussing today’s report Niall Dickson, President of the GMC, said: ‘We need to treat this brand-new information with care– the examination information is just based on one year’s figures and we do not yet comprehend why these differences occur. But being open about all this is a crucial primary step to analysing what is goi …
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Robert De Niro Safeguards Screening of Anti-Vaccine Film at Tribeca Celebration

Need to link your Home Delivery subscription to NYTimes.com? Link your membership »& raquo; … See all stories on this topic Ethnic background of medical professionals who passed away while under GMC examination In December 2014, we published an independent evaluation into cases where doctors had committed suicide, or died of a suspected suicide, while under a fitness to practise investigation. The evaluation, by Sarndrah Horsfall, the previous President of the National Client Security Firm, covered the period in between 2005 and 2013.

See GMC   complete report( pdf) and suicide report action plan(pdf)In addition to the testimonial’s findings, we have performed our own analysis to supply data on the medical professionals’ ethnicity and main medical credentials. * The GMC did not routinely tape-record a physician’s ethnicity as part of the registration process prior to around 2004. Just 5 of the 28 physicians whose deaths we reviewed were registered after 2004. Moreover, physicians are not required to supply their et … See all stories on this subject

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