Doctors slam MCT reform proposal

Physicians knock MCT reform proposal

A group of doctors called “Power of Doctor” state it opposes a call by the Thai Medical Mistake Network (TMEN) to permit half of the Medical Council of Thailand’s (MCT) seats to be occupied by individuals outside the occupation. The group’s leader, Yongyudh Vajaradul, firmly insisted most members must originate from the medical field, although their proficiency may be different, provided the council’s responsibilities. The MCT registers and provides licences to all medical practitioners, identifies degrees and certificates in medicine and helps promote scholastic requirements in the profession. “If we permit non-medical specialists who do not have thorough understanding to use up half the seats on the council, over 50,000 physicians nationwide will be thrown into unpredictability due to the fact that they will unknown whether their cases will …
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talk about fine-tune to medical marijuana policies Growing medical cannabis in Anne Arundel County is better to ending up being a truth. But the county’s zoning code initially needs a change to clear a hurdle authorities state they didn’t mean to develop. County Council members will use up an expense Monday night that proposes to change a range limitation for medical cannabis growers and processors running on rural land. The change would clear the way for ForwardGro, a medical cannabis growing company that has been awarded a state license, to locate a greenhouse in southern Anne Arundel County. The General Assembly authorized medical cannabis in Maryland in 2014, and County Council members passed requirements governing the growing, processing and dispensing of medical cannabis last December after months of dispute. Local guidelines require medical …
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“> See all stories on this topic Marijuana industry fretted about Attorney general of the United States pick PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – After this year’& rsquo; s election, recreational cannabis is now legal in seven states with more than twenty states permitting medical cannabis. President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Senator Jeff Sessions for Chief law officer. The choice of Senator Sessions has numerous in the marijuana industry worried. Senator Sessions is a singing opponent of cannabis legalization and has stated: “& ldquo; great people don & rsquo; t smoke cannabis.” & rdquo; As Attorney general of the United States, Senator Sessions could change how the Justice Department deals with legalized marijuana. President-elect Trump has said he feels legalization ought to be a concern left to the states. That has the Director of the Oregon Marijuana Business Council hopeful. Donald Morse says & ldqu …
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