Cuban doctors proud to risk lives in mission to halt Ebola

Cuban physicians happy to risk lives in mission to stop Ebola

HAVANA (Reuters) – Cuban doctors and nurses leaving for West Africa to combat Ebola consider themselves lucky. Among the 15,000 who volunteered, they are amongst only 256 who have been chosen for the job. “There have been battles breaking out, heated …
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If I have actually got dementia, I ‘d anticipate my GP to determine it without being paid extra

Forgive me if it makes my blood pressure rise a little. Why do General practitioners require rewards to do their job correctly? Definitely the very best family doctors will already be skilled at spotting dementia in clients, which means this money will be rewarding those who aren’t …
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Physician Who and the profile career

It’s exactly what I picture being Doctor Who should be like … They were at first merely a chemical of the Great Economic downturn, a way of future-proofing yourself versus job insecurity. If one task failed you might always fall back on one of the other three.See Original Short article

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