Councils claim FOI costs risk diverting money from social services

Councils declare FOI costs risk diverting money from social services

The General Medical Council required a “stand-alone redaction expenses exemption” amid issues that flexibility of info laws are positioning a “out of proportion problem” on authorities. Councils and Ipsa, the costs watchdog, likewise suggested that the amount of money …
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Long Beach’s new medical marijuana law is delivery-only

Long Beach’s basic restriction against medical marijuana suppliers is pertaining to an end, but clients will need to count on shipment services to get medicinal marijuana. The City board on Tuesday approved a movement from Councilwoman Suzie Cost …
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Just who do they think they are? You pay their incomes. But the so-called public servants who run councils, the NHS and cops are unifying to keep you in the dark about their …

The General Medical Council, which chooses when doctors must be struck off, wishes to charge the general public for the expense of censoring the information it releases. It grumbles some FoI requests ‘can most definitely impose a disproportionate concern …
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GMC reacts to casualty query report

The findings of a casualty query carried out by Sheriff John Beckett have been published.See Original Post Harley Street specialist ' kept passing away patient in the dark about her terminal cancer and told her she ' d have to wait for NHS treatment so he could keep charging her for … 'Patient A was finally referred to the NHS on January 27, 2014. Charles Garside QC, Counsel for the General Medical Council, stated the conduct of Dr Bonar and Dr Trefzer did not

support her death as she was currently dying. The reality of it is that … See Original Post GMC guarantees more caring approach to physicians under investigation Letters from the General Medical Council to doctors dealing with investigation will make use of more”delicate “language from early nextyear and will lay more focus on the support services offered to them, after a report into a series of suicides by doctors … See Original Short article Student

doctors ' should be taught to spot signs of violence against ladies ' It suggested that the General Medical Council-approved training of medical undergrads”equips future controlled healthcare experts to acknowledge and respond to violence versus women”. The General Dental Council(GDC)and the Nursing and … See Original Short article

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