Cancer doctors "blurring" of professional boundaries makes it difficult to stay objective

Cancer physicians “”blurring”of professional limits makes it tough to remain unbiased

Medical school inbound dean Malcolm Reed said the results revealed a worrying trend. He stated: “The General Medical Council has produced guidance in which these newer risks to expert boundaries are made clear.See Original Article Medical professional associated with ' Baby P ' case fails to appear at Irish Medical Council query but failed to disclose that strict conditions were connected to her ongoing practice by the General Medical Council in the UK. The GMC interim conditions were connected to Dr Sabah Al-Zayyat in the general public interest, developing from her evaluation of a 17 … See Original Article Baby P medical professional lied when opting for Irish task Yesterday, the Medical Council heard that Dr Al-Zayyat, who is originally from Pakistan, had actually conditions attached to her registration in Britain by the General Medical Council. She was subsequently suspended from the register until 2011, when the GMC agreed … See Original Article

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