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GMC response: Improving patient safety and transparency in the NHS

GMC reaction: Improving patient safety and openness in the NHSProfessor Terence Stephenson, Chair of the General Medical Council, responds to plans revealed today by the Secretary of State for Health. ‘Our failures, to paraphrase a terrific innovator, must be the opportunity to begin once again more wisely. I welcome any transfer to promote a […]

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Tooth extraction: factors affecting anxiety and fear

Tooth extraction: factors impacting stress and anxiety and worry A 2014 evaluation (Beaton et al) recommends that nearly of third of the population show some degree of dental anxiety with 12 % struggling with extreme dental fear. It is likewise understood that some dental treatments cause more stress and anxiety than others. The aim […]

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NHS postcode lottery for care is revealed

NHS postal code lotto for care is exposed Clients with dementia, diabetes and discovering specials needs are being pulled down by their local health services in many parts of England, brand-new figures reveal. A postcode lottery of care throughout the nation has been highlighted as new efficiency information shows that while some health bodies […]

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Labour must share the blame for the junior doctors’ row

Labour need to share the blame for the junior doctors’row The BMA’s decision to cancel the first of its planned five-day strikes the other day was justified as a action to issues over client safety. Yet these cautions were absolutely nothing new. The General Medical Council released frank guidance to medical professionals hours previously […]

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GMC welcomes independent whistleblowers review by Sir Anthony Hooper

GMC invites independent whistleblowers review by Sir Anthony Hooper An independent review commissioned by the GMC has suggested that organisations referring issues about a physician’s physical fitness to practise to the GMC must state whether the doctor has raised issues about client safety. The   report by Sir Anthony Hooper (pdf), a retired Lord Justice […]

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